Arena Rock Anthems For Easy Piano

Here you will find the most iconic anthems of a generation, now carefully arranged for the beginning pianist. Finally you can relive the exhilarating sounds of Boston, Def Leppard, Queen, and many more, all from the comfort of home.

What sets these songs apart is their raw power; power to bring you indelibly back to that rush of euphoria you knew was more than a feeling. True, that power has distilled in the journey from stadium to bar to elevator down to the fine music retailer you are shopping today—but no more so than the sparks of those magnetic gods of rock ‘n roll have disseminated into the hearts of their devoted fans.

So consider your difficult role as performer. This is your electric past, conjured up in an autocrat present. And that past self is a foreigner here, often misappropriated with malignant intention.

The tension is real. It’s there when the wild-haired teens steer by and you stroke your invisible mullet. These melodies and lyrics still charged with hysteria, such a magical mysteria, and you can’t stop this feeling. You can’t stop this lighter flame fire.

Ryan Apple

Ryan Apple lives in Lansing, Michigan. By day he is occupied as a music professor and financial aid director at a small Christian college. By night he is a churchman, a husband and father, and when time allows, a guitarist and poet.

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