The air in Tryblith
was gluey blue
streets fresh paved with
smashed piano keys
and we spent the afternoon
kicking the heads
off every flower
we could find.

We had not yet known
You had barely learned
to frown.

We baked a tray of
spider biscuits
to take
to church.
We planted
leaky batteries
where potatoes
tried to grow.
We pilfered
all the honey
from the beehives
and used it
to scrawl bad words
on the backs
of all
the sheep.

We swore each other
to secrecy
at four o’clock.
by six.

Cried ourselves
to sleep
for many nights.

Stefan Mohamed

Stefan Mohamed is a poet and author based in Bristol. He studied creative writing at Kingston University, graduating in 2010 with a first. His novels Bitter Sixteen, Ace of Spiders, Stanly’s Ghost and Falling Leaves are published by Salt Publishing; a collection of performance poems, PANIC!, was published in 2016 by Burning Eye Books. His website is and he tweets, mostly about the Vengabus, at @stefmowords.


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