About Ice Pop Poetry

popsicle(1)Ice Pop Poetry is a bi-monthly online literary magazine based out of London looking for the best poetry from new and emerging writers. We have plans to do print editions (possibly every six months) but it’s in the works.

We don’t have a theme and are interested in reading poetry about pop culture, your daily commute, the time you were abducted by aliens, the bees in your garden, a particularly nice piece of cake from your favourite cafe. Tell us what moves you.

Show us your voice. We can’t wait to hear it.


Editor – Amy Ellis

Amy has a BA in Creative Writing from Longwood University and a MA in Digital Publishing from Oxford Brookes University. Her fiction and poetry has been published in a number of online and print journals and she has self-published 2 verse novels. She currently works in the publishing industry in London. You can read more about Amy at amy-ellis.com.